Premium Wrap

Kids Lunchbox Solutions: Using the Asahi Kasei Premium Wrap for Fun and Fresh Meal Packs

Ah, the age-old dilemma: what to pack for your child’s lunch? It’s a challenge faced by parents around the globe. The desire to provide a nutritious, appealing, and fresh meal for our little ones can often seem like an uphill battle. This is especially true when accounting for the hustle and bustle of morning routines, ever-changing tastes of kids, and the need to keep everything fresh until lunchtime. Enter Asahi Kasei’s Premium Wrap—a cling wrap that is a game changer in the world of kids’ lunch packing!

The Importance of Freshness

Before delving into the magic of the Asahi Kasei Premium Wrap, let’s emphasize the significance of freshness in children’s meals. Fresh food retains most of its nutritional content, offering the necessary vitamins and minerals vital for growth. Besides, we can all agree that a fresh meal is more appetizing than a soggy one. Freshness invites more bites, ensuring that the lunchbox returns home empty, not with half-eaten food.

Crafting Exciting Lunchbox Experiences with Premium Wrap

  1. Spirited Chapati Rolls:
    Every child loves a surprise. Prepare a soft chapati or paratha, slather with homemade mint chutney, add fillings ranging from paneer bhurji to keema, and roll it snugly. Wrap securely with Premium Wrap, the ideal chapati wrap to maintain its warmth and freshness until lunch break.
  2. Dynamic Dosa Pockets:
    Instead of the regular dosa-sambhar combo, why not make lunch interactive? Pack mini dosas and wrap them in Premium Wrap to seal in freshness. Include separate containers for sambhar and coconut chutney. Children will revel in crafting their dosa pockets, making lunch both a meal and an activity.
  3. Fruit and Chaat Fusion:

Take advantage of the vast fruit diversity. Skewer season’s best—be it luscious mangoes, juicy papayas, or tart grapes. Intersperse with bites of spicy aloo tikki or marinated paneer cubes. By wrapping these eclectic fruit-chaat sticks in cling wrap, you’ll ensure that each element retains its distinct flavour and freshness.


The Layered Wonders of Indian Cuisine

The brilliance of Indian food often lies in its layers, each offering a burst of flavour and texture. Using Premium Wrap, you can transport this layered magic right into your child’s lunchbox:

  1. Chana Chaat:
    Imagine your child’s delight at discovering a mini chana chaat delight! Begin with a base of sprouted chana (chickpeas), followed by tangy tamarind chutney, creamy yogurt, and crunchy boondi. Use Premium Wrap to pack crispy sev, puris and boondi separately, ensuring they don’t lose their crunch.
  2. Biryani Symphony:
    Instead of a straightforward biryani, turn it into a layered culinary journey. Alternate layers of aromatic rice with spicy vegetable or chicken biryani masala. In separate Premium Wrap parcels, pack cooling raita and perhaps a succulent hard-boiled egg or a portion of mirchi ka salan. Come lunchtime, your child can curate their biriyani experience, layer by sumptuous layer.
  3. Paratha Pockets:
    The humble paratha can be transformed into a pocket of wonders. Stuff them with fillings like aloo, gobi, or even mutton keema. Once made, cut them into halves, and wrap each half separately in Premium Wrap. This ensures the parathas remain soft, and the fillings juicy. Include a small container of pickle or yogurt, and your child has a wholesome, delectable meal.


Sealing in the Goodness

With Asahi Kasei’s Premium Wrap’s air-tight seal, the aroma of the food remains locked in. Imagine your child opening their lunchbox to the delicious smell of freshly packed food. Not only does this make the meal more enticing, but it also assures that other items in their school bag aren’t affected by potential food odors.


Environment and Safety First

What sets Premium Wrap apart is its high-quality, food-safe PVDC material. Not only does this cling wrap effectively preserve the freshness of food, but it also ensures no harmful chemicals come in contact with your child’s meal. Plus, its microwave-safe property means you can safely pack last night’s leftovers without worrying about how it’ll be reheated. It comes with a built-in cutter to ensure that the cling film roll is torn carefully and efficiently.

In Conclusion

While the daily task of packing a lunchbox might seem monotonous, introducing fun elements and ensuring freshness can make a world of difference. Asahi Kasei’s Premium Wrap provides parents with an effective solution to tackle the freshness challenge. So the next time you’re prepping your child’s lunchbox, reach out for that roll of Premium Wrap, and witness the transformative power it brings to those daily meals. After all, a fresh meal is a testament to the love and care you pack along with it!