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All Asahi Kasei Kitchen Consumable Products in India


Asahi Kasei brings to you Japan’s No 1* kitchen products straight to your home!

We will change the way you cook and store food. Making your time in the kitchen more efficient, your cooking healthier and your storage solutions better.

*Wrapping film for food, cooking sheet and silicone-coated aluminum foil categroy in Japan
(Source : INTAGE SRI data(CY2019))


Kitchen Consumable Item by Asahi Kasei cooking-sheet

Cooking Sheet

The premium quality of the Cooking Sheet doesn’t let it crumble and helps you bake and cook upto 250° for 20 minutes. Just place the sheet on the tray/pan inside the oven or in the microwave and you’re ready to go!

Kitchen Consumable Item by Asahi Kasei Premium Wrap

Premium Wrap

Premium Wrap is made of special PVDC material that is refrigerator and microwave safe (up to 140°). It preserves moisture and blocks oxygen from passing through and therefore it keeps food fresh for a very long time.

Kitchen Consumable Item by Asahi Kasei frying pan foil

Frying Pan Foil

Eating healthy without compromising taste is not a dream anymore. The silicone-coated Frying Pan Foil helps you cook the same delicious food with practically no oil! Same food, same taste but now with lesser calories.

Kitchen Consumable & Food Prep Product by Asahi Kasei Zipper Bag

Zipper Bag

Equipped with Two Lines Zipper, the Zipper Bag locks in your food’s freshness for longer, be it at home or on the go. The label space also makes it easy to note dates and organize, which also helps curb food wastage

Asahi Kasei Products FAQs

Premium Wrap, Frying Pan Foil, Cooking Sheet and Zipper Bag, the Japanese way to store, cook and bake now in Indian kitchens!

These 4 kitchen accessories are a boon for health-conscious homemakers, working women and anyone else on the go. They are extremely convenient to use and save on time that can be used to pursue other interests.

All Asahi Kasei products have been extensively tested in our labs in Japan and are completely safe to use.

These products have been in use in Japan for a long time especially Premium Wrap is used over 50 years, a testament to their utility and quality. 

Asahi Kasei kitchen consumables & food prep products are available online on Big Basket, Amazon and Flipkart.

They are also available offline at supermarkets and general stores.



I heard about these products from a friend of mine and it has changed the way I run my kitchen
Jasminder Kaur Bajaj
Awesome products! Each product has a unique benefit that helps make my life easier in the kitchen.
Sonal Mehta
Asahi Kasei Products has made cooking hassle-free and healthy. I use them as a Homechef and Recommend.
Tabassum Siddiqui

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