Asahi Kasei Frying Pan Foil
02 Frying Pan Foil


Eating healthy without compromising on taste is not a dream anymore.

Presenting you the Asahi Kasei Frying Pan Foil. Its silicone-coated foil that helps you cook the same delicious food with practically no oil! Same food, same taste but now with lesser calories.

Eat oil-free, stay care-free with our Frying Pan Foil


Frying Pan Foil USP

No Sticking

Food cooked on the Frying Pan Foil does not stick even without oil due to Silicone coating on one side of the foil

asahi kasei frying pan foil Silicon Coated

Make a Variety of Oil Free Dishes

When it comes to our favourite foods, there’s no room for compromise but whether you love to eat an omelette, a paratha, or a pancake, cooking it with unhealthy cooking oils is a serious mistake. With the Frying Pan Foil these dishes are now made healthier by cutting out the excess amount of oil.

silicone coated aluminum foil Asahi Kasei

Easy to Cut

The Frying Pan Foil has a built-in Cutter that makes the foil easy to cut by tearing along the cutter. No scissors or knife is required which helps make it convenient to use

Frying Pan Foil Silicon coated on one side

Helps Reduce Calories

The Frying Pan Foil reduces the amount of oil consumption with helps reduce the daily calorie intake. Avoiding 1 teaspoon of oil reduces 37 Kcal in a day, that’s about 1110 Kcal a month or walking for about 400 minutes!

Reduces-Calories-silicon-frying-pan-asahi kasei

No need to Wash Pans

Cooking food on the Frying Pan foil that is placed over the pan prevents staining your pans and tawas and helps you save your efforts of doing the dishes everyday


Frying Pan Foil Usage

Step 1: Tear with built-in cutter

Pull foil from the box and close the box cover tightly and cut using the built-in cutter on the box.

Step 3: Ready to cook without oil

With our Frying Pan foil, you can cook fried food without using a single drop of oil thanks to its silicone coating on one side!

Step 2: Place food on ‘R’ side facing up

Just place the ‘R’ marked side facing upwards on your pan and you’re ready for oil free cooking without staining your pans and tawas.

Step 4: Enjoy Oil free dishes

Same food, same taste but now with lesser calories. Eat oil-free, stay carefree with our Frying Pan Foil.



Most frequent questions and answers

No, the silicone coating on one side (® mark side) makes oil-free cooking possible and prevents your food from sticking.

No. The side marked ® should be placed facing upwards to cook on the Frying Pan Foil.

Frying Pan Foil is silicone coated on one side (® mark side) so the food does not come in direct contact with the aluminium content and it is completely safe to cook food.

Frying Pan Foil can be used in OTG, Oven and Electric Griller (Please follow the
instructions of the equipment).

It cannot be used in Microwave and gas griller.

Yes, but it should be used for same recipe to avoiding mixture of taste and from a hygienic point of view.

Yes. Frying Pan Foil on a pan be used both on induction and gas stove while on a Pan. Do not let it directly touch an induction heater and open flames.

Yes, you can use it on any pan or vessel that is coated or non coated.

No. The Frying Pan Foil can be used for shallow frying without using extra oil.