frying pan use for less oil in food and better health

Why Are People Switching To Frying pan foil?

Health has been a topic of debate for most of us in recent months, as many of our friends and family members have gone through difficult times. In the face of a global epidemic, people have made living a healthy lifestyle a top priority. Since what we eat directly affects our health, eating well and enjoying what we eat has become essential, as has to stick to that diet and convince ourselves that it is for the better.

Eating a healthy diet is difficult because humans are highly complex beings. We may believe that we eat to fuel our bodies, but the majority of our food choices are based on their enjoyment factor. That is why it has become so difficult in today’s world to adopt healthy eating habits: we are simply not willing to give up the taste factor and the happiness it brings.

One of the main reasons we use oil is to keep our food from sticking to the pan or tawa we’re cooking on. When cooking foods like cutlets and dosa, there’s a good chance they’ll stick to the pan if you don’t use enough oil.

As a result, aluminium foil becomes a very useful kitchen item. Because of its wide range of applications and ease of cleaning, it is quickly becoming one of the most needed items in households. It is one of the most notable ways to eat healthy while still enjoying the same taste. It allows you to cook with zero oil.

The Frying Pan Foil reduces the amount of oil consumption which helps reduce the daily calorie intake. Avoiding 1 teaspoon of oil reduces 37 Kcal in a day, that’s about 1110 Kcal a month or walking for about 400 minutes! 

When we’re at home, many of us have food cravings, and modern kitchen appliances can help us switch to healthier home-cooked meals. The Frying Pan Foil eliminates the use of cookware and post-cooking equipment cleanup by reducing the number of pans (Tava, frying pan, dosa Tawa) required in your kitchen. Pan-fried foods such as cutlets, fries, and even omelettes and fried eggs can be made without the use of oil.

Line pans with nonstick foil for cheesy or sticky foods that don’t require much sauteing. Simply follow the instructions to line your pans with Asahi Kasei Frying Pan Foil, making sure to keep the shiny side of the foil facing you. This ensures that the nonstick side of the pan stays clean.

Another advantage of using aluminium foil is that it reduces mess. The eggs will not stick to the bottom of the pan if they are cracked directly into aluminium foil. You’ll be able to easily flip and turn your eggs, ensuring they’re cooked to perfection before removing them from the pan. When using aluminium foil, cleanup is much easier. When you’re finished cooking, just roll up the foil and throw it away—no soap required!

You’ll need high-quality aluminium foil because you’ll be storing food in it. The Asahi Kasei frying pan foil is a magical product that allows you to enjoy your favourite foods or any food without having to worry about calories or too much oil. Food does not stick to the pan thanks to the silicone-coated aluminium foil. To avoid confusion, the side to be placed facing upwards is labelled with R. This foil can be used to make a variety of dishes, such as fries, dosas, chapatis, and cutlets, without sacrificing their delicious taste. The foil is a one-of-a-kind substitute for those on a diet or who prefer to eat healthy foods and live similar lifestyles. Because the product eliminates the need for oil, the meals become healthier. So, with this sheet, you can completely avoid using that oil. Place it on the pan and cook your food with ease.

Asahi Kasei products represent the Japanese way to store, cook, and baking that is now being used in Indian kitchens. These products have been used in Japan for over 50 years, proving their utility and quality. Their frying pan foils are a godsend for health-conscious homemakers, working women, and anyone else on the go. They are extremely convenient to use and save time that can be spent on other activities. Eat oil-free, stay care-free with Asahi Kasei Frying Pan Foil.