What’s the Safest way to wrap my sandwiches and Pizza?

All types of food, from rolls to sandwiches, need to be properly wrapped if you want to enjoy the dish later in its original flavor. The key here is to select a wrapping paper that will work for all of your food. There are numerous types of wrapping paper on the market, ranging from cling wrap to parchment paper and even aluminum foil. Another consideration is whether you intend to use it to store food in the fridge/shelf or for travel. So, here are a few options for you to consider.

One of the tricks you’ll need to learn is how to wrap a sandwich, and the paper you’re using just makes it easier. Asahi Kasei, India’s No.1 kitchen products brand, offers a variety of options. 

The first is cling wrap, which is made specifically for this purpose. It’s made of a clear and special PVDC material that looks like plastic and even serves the purpose, but without all of the negative effects. It is strong and stretchable, allowing you to keep your food fresher for longer without having to worry about spilling or making a mess. The versatile material can be used to store everything from fruits and vegetables to sandwiches, wraps, and rolls. Many more features, such as heat resistance up to 140°C and a versatile storing temperature, make it an excellent choice for our kitchens.

The Asahi Kasei parchment paper is the second product that can be used for this purpose. The baking sheet not only serves as a surface for baking or cooking but it can also be used as a wrap to carry or store your food. Made with a silicone coating on both sides, it helps to get food off the sheet faster while baking, and also keeps your food firmly packed without worrying about the filling spilling and maintains it for a long time, so you can eat comfortably without a mess. Even after 20 minutes at a temperature of 250°C, the premium material prevents it from crumbling or tearing.

Both wraps help in preserving the freshness of the food for a longer period of time by reducing the food’s exposure to the atmosphere, i.e. air and moisture. Using these, sandwiches and rolls can be easily wrapped and reheated in the oven. It’s also easy to use because it has a built-in cutter.

You can not only prevent food waste with these amazing papers but also help the environment because they are eco-friendly and readily available. These are known to be the best premium wrap online, which is why they can be found in almost every Indian household.

Unless you have a sturdy sub on a crusty layer, most sandwiches are delicate and need to be handled carefully. Pack them on top of heavier items to avoid crushing them, or better yet, place them in a hard-sided container to ensure complete protection.

Now that you’re familiar with these basic items, you can choose and pack your sandwiches wisely, knowing that they’ll be in good shape when it’s time to eat.