Smart Uses for Butter Paper

Smart Uses for Butter Paper

Butter paper is a non-sticky cellulose-based paper used for baking as a disposable non-stick surface. Also known as baking paper or greaseproof paper, it is smooth, heat resistant, non-stick, and has very low water absorption. Butter paper can be used for lining cake tins and baking trays and also to wrap butter and margarine.

In addition to baking purposes, here are some other innovative uses for butter paper:

Food Storage

While we are aware that you use it to line your baking sheets and pans, have you thought of utilizing it to store your food? Yes, butter paper can keep your food organized, too. Butter paper can be used to separate anything going into the freezer that might stick together, whether it’s rolled-out pie dough or strips of bacon. For the outside wrapping, however, you should use something less permeable to air such as plastic, foil, or freezer paper. Butter paper can help keep the layers of a batch of cookies or any other type of individual treat separate while packaging. A similar method can be used to carry baked items. 

Piping Bag

Fold a rectangular sheet of butter paper diagonally in half, then cut it down the crease. Roll one half around your hand to form a cone, then wrap the other half around the first to produce another cone. Tuck in the outside end to keep it together, then stand it upright in an empty drinking glass with the narrow tip pointing down and fill it with icing. Whether it’s “Happy Birthday” written on a cake or a cheery ring of icing on a sugar cookie, a turn of the butter paper can elevate an occasion from good to excellent. The technique may feel a little like making a paper plane, but then you’ll end up with a tube that you can squeeze frosting through like an expert.

Air Frying

If you want to keep your air fryer clean, make small holes in a piece of butter paper and place it inside. Make as many holes as the more you do, the better the air fryer will be able to circulate and cook your food. 

Rolling a dough

Usually, rolling out the dough is a sticky mess that is frustrating. When working with sticky dough, it can be tempting to keep dusting your surface with flour, but by the time you’re finished, you might as well be spooning flour straight from the bag. Even when you’re attempting to prevent sticking, adding too much flour can significantly alter the flavour and texture of a cookie or pastry. Put a piece of butter paper between the rolling pin and your dough to make things easier. The non-stick surface is useful since it saves you from the agony of having dough scraps stuck all over the place.

Keeping Cabinet Tops and Refrigerator Shelves Clean

How frequently do you clean the tops of your kitchen cabinets? What about the top of the refrigerator? Considering that you essentially need to empty the entire appliance in order to reach all the drips and droplets, cleaning spills from refrigerators can be a chore. And when you do, isn’t it a specific type of kitchen grit? Dusty, greasy, and almost impossible to clean. Simply cut off a sizable piece of butter paper from the roll, line the refrigerator and cabinet tops, and you’ll be spared this awful mess. When you use butter paper sheets as a protective cover, especially for the shelves or cubbies where you keep your condiments, all you have to do is trash them after they become saturated with leaky pickle juice, sriracha, or glops of mayonnaise. So the next time you clean, all you have to do is lift off the butter paper, toss it in the trash, and then replace it to maintain the clean vibes.


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