Plastic Wrap Kitchen Hacks You Need To Know

We’ve always used plastic wrap in our daily lives to wrap food. However, this useful kitchen tool can help you do much more than protect your food (as if that wasn’t enough!).  From helping you cook breakfast easily to making sure your kitchen stays clean, this premium wrap for fresh food can be used for many other things.

Here are some hacks that will make life in the kitchen much easier:

Poach Eggs Easily

We have heard that the traditional way to cook poached eggs is to add some vinegar to the water and swirl the water before you add the egg. However, even when we do this they still don’t come out as well. They can sometimes split in the water itself and can be extremely water once taken out. 

To avoid this hassle, take a bowl and line it with premium wrap. Crack the eggs into the wrap, and tie it up like a small bag. Now you can place this in the boiling water and let it cook. Be sure to handle it with care so the yolk doesn’t split. This method is relatively easier than the traditional ones, and your eggs will stay away from water. 

Keep Your Bananas Fresh

Nobody likes overripe bananas. You can prevent your bananas from getting spoiled too quickly by protecting them with premium wrap. Take a piece of the plastic wrap and cover the top black portion of the stem, before it has been broken off. This will help retain the moisture in the banana and prevent it from overripening. 

Prepare Food in Advance

We all live busy lives and sometimes it is easy to get drained of all your energy at the end of the day. You get up in the morning, get ready, work hard all day and come home. To add to it you have to cook at the end of the day. 

Preparing meals itself in advance can lead to eating stale food. Instead, you can ease your cooking process by cutting all the vegetables and meat in advance. Just slice whatever is necessary for your meals the day before and store it in plastic wrap for food. When cooking your food the next day, all you have to do is combine all the ingredients together, and your meals will be ready much faster.

Prevent Leaking from Containers

Foods like curries, soups, and drinks are very like;y to spill out of the container when we carry them. Whether it is for work, or for a potluck gathering, you are always worried about whether your food is going to spill. To avoid this anxiety, you can use premium wrap and cover the vessel or any container you use to put your curries in on the top. Then use the lid and cover the container. This will create an airtight seal, and provide extra protection from any leaks.

Avoid Spills 

Spills are an everyday story in almost every kitchen. From juice spills to icing splatters, it can cause our kitchen to look like a mess. A simple solution is to cover the top of our juice glasses with plastic wrap and create a small hole to stick a straw through. This will keep the edges of the glass completely sealed and avoid spills

Protect Your Phone

In today’s age, it is hard to get away from our phones. We follow recipes on our phones, listen to music while cooking, etc. A place where leaks and spills are common is not the best place for electronic gadgets. Hence, in order to keep your phones safe in the kitchen, you can cover them with plastic wrap and use them. 

Prevent Freezer Burn

Have you ever noticed ice crystals on top of your meat, or the surface of your ice cream? This is known as “Freezer Burn” which is the result of a loss of moisture from foods stored in the freezer. This can lead to a change in the quality of the food as well. For instance, the ice cream starts to taste more watery instead of creamy and the meat may become tough and leathery. 

In order to prevent this, you can wrap your meat with cling film which will stop the moisture from escaping. You can cover the top of your ice cream container with premium wrap first and then put the lid back on top of it. In this way, you can ensure that your frozen food remains fresh as well.