How to Use Greaseproof Paper for Cooking

Cooking brings a different kind of joy. Seeing the smiles, the “yums” and the happy faces after serving food to your close ones gives you a feeling of its own. It somehow makes the experience of working hard in the kitchen all worth it. However, cooking doesn’t need to be so hard if you have the right tools. Using greaseproof paper can be a huge help in the process, and will only add to those lovely smiles. Even if you are a beginner and you want to impress your family or friends with a delicious dessert, you can use this paper to make your cooking journey easier.

Cooking sheets at Asahi Kasei are silicone coated. Silicone is known for its ability to prevent sticking due to its pliability and its natural lack of toxins which makes it safe for cooking. It also possesses high insulation and heat resistant capabilities, making it the perfect tool, even for a beginner.

Here is a guide for the absolute beginners on how to use greaseproof paper for cooking:

How to Line Baking Pans for Cookies

Measure the greaseproof paper according to the length of the baking pan. Most papers will easily fit on top of the baking pans for cookies, so this will be simple. Then all you need to do is place your cookie dough balls on the paper, and make sure they are evenly spaced out and not very close to each other. This process is the easiest of all.

How to Line Cake Pans

In order to line a round cake tin, place the base of the tin on your greaseproof paper and outline the circumference of the tin. After this, cut around the outline leaving a two-inch border. This will fold and form a border to the sides of the cake, to make sure they don’t stick as well. Press a crease in the outlined circle so that the paper fits snugly into the cake tin. For some extra protection and smoothness, you can grease the paper with butter and flour. Once the cake is ready, wait for it to cool down. Invert the cake onto a cooling rack and the cake will smoothly come out of its tin.

How to Line Cupcake Trays

As much as we love colourful cupcake holders, sometimes it’s best to keep it elegant by using some simple baking paper. Take the paper and cut it into 5x5x5 squares. Then press these squares into the cupcake moulds. You can use a measuring cup or a spoon to make sure they stay in the moulds. Press the sides so that they form a slight crinkle as well. After this, take one scoop of the cupcake dough or batter, and place it into the liner. All you need to do now is bake your cupcakes and enjoy

How to Wrap Parchment Dinners

Dinners “en papillote” may sound fancy and complicated, but it is actually a simple process. First, take the baking paper and fold it in half. Draw a heart shape on the paper large enough to hold all your ingredients. Cut this shape using a pair of scissors. Then, place all your ingredients and spices in the centre of one fold, and cover it with the other fold of the paper. Now, start folding the edges, starting from the top of the heart. Make small folds as you go along and make sure that it keeps overlapping with the previous one, so you create a tight seal. Pop the meal into the oven and enjoy the aroma of delicious food fill your home. 

How to Line Frying Pans

The same concept applies here as with cake pans. Measure the dimensions of the frying pan and make an outline. Cut the paper out and place it on top of the frying pan. As the paper has a silicone coating, it will be able to withstand high temperatures and it will not get burnt. Additionally, it will also give gold and crisp outside layer to the food

Now you can enter your kitchen and make some fancy dishes and dessert with one of the simplest tools. Adding tools like cling film, aluminium foil, baking paper and zipper bag can make all the difference in making your cooking experience better.