How to Preserve Fruit & Vegetables in a Zipper Bag

There’s a simple joy in the snap of leafy greens or the crunch of raw carrots fresh from the store. But keeping those perishables fresh once you get them home can be a real challenge. No one likes coming home to find the spinach for tonight’s dinner spoiled and leaking all over the fridge. It’s not good for dinner, it’s not good for your fridge and it’s not good for your sanity. Plus it’s a total pain to keep repurchasing produce only to have it spoil. 

Keeping your food fresh is the best way to enjoy your food for longer and one such way to do it is by storing them in zip lock bags. This storage bag is probably one of the most common food storage bags and can be used to store just about anything like vegetables, fruits, meat, milk, snacks, and leftover food in the fridge and freezer. Additionally, it keeps our freezer and fridge shelves neat and well-organized. Follow these zipper bag storage tips to maximize the zipper bag’s ability to keep vegetables fresh.

Lemons: Lemons sealed and refrigerated in a zipper bag last four times as long as lemons left on the counter.

Fresh Herbs: Trim the stems of herbs and place them in a container with water to keep them fresh. Refrigerate them after wrapping them in a zip pouch.

Celery & Carrots: Refrigerate your carrots and celery in a zipper bag after washing and cutting them into snackable sticks.

Broccoli & Cauliflower: Break up heads of broccoli and cauliflower and store in a ziplock bag in the refrigerator to keep them fresh. Wash right before use.

Avocado Half: Wrap the unused avocado half in a damp paper towel to prevent browning. Squeeze lemon over wrapped avocado and refrigerate in a Ziplock bag.

Bell Peppers: Wash, slice, and store bell peppers in zipper bags in the refrigerator to prevent spoilage.

Radishes: Trim the green leafy tops from radishes and refrigerate in a zipper bag to keep them fresh. Wash right before use.

Lettuce: Wash and thoroughly dry. Wrap it in a paper towel and store it in a zip pouch in the refrigerator to maintain its freshness.

Individuals who enjoy fruit smoothies and include them in either of their daily meals can now relax about taking time away from their chores to prepare them. These zipper bags keep your chopped fruits fresh for a long time. Zip pouches are also a great way to store meat. Non-vegetarians find it difficult to keep meat fresh for an extended period of time, even when frozen. They use advanced technologies that not only keep your meat fresh, but also keep your kitchen smelling fresh by locking in odours. 

Asahi Kasei zipper bags have two-line zippers that not only make storing your food easier but also keep the freshness and nutrition for longer without compromising the zipper’s quality even after multiple uses. The anti-slip feature and the two-line difference between the zips ensure convenient usage. With such alternatives, you can reduce food wastage while also enjoying the meal for a longer period of time. Long live produce!

The Asahi Kasei Zipper Bag is made of food-grade LPDE and is suitable for use with food. Because of the material’s versatility, it can be easily recycled after use, making the product completely environmentally safe. This Zipper Bag also allows you to track your nutrition intake because it has a space label that allows you to organise and categorise it as well as keep track of your meals. The label can include the fruit combinations, as well as the day and mealtime. Vegetables, meat, and organic food have never been easier to store!


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