How to make breakfast without using single drop of oil

If you’re a foodie who enjoys eating and trying new foods but is also concerned about your health and diet, we’ve got a solution for you. There are numerous ways to try to eat healthily, but they are mostly dish specific. It’s like little tweaks here and there, and a little less oil, but it’s different for each dish you make. What if there is a new product on the market that allows you to avoid using oil entirely? That sounds like a dream right! 

One of the main reasons we use oil is to keep our dish from sticking to the surface of the pan or tawa we’re cooking on. If you don’t use enough oil when cooking foods like cutlets and dosa, there’s a good chance it’ll stick to the pan. The Asahi Kasei frying pan foil, on the other hand, is just a magical product that lets you enjoy your favourite foods or any food without worrying about calories or too much oil. The silicone-coated aluminium foil keeps food from sticking to the pan. The side to be placed facing upwards are marked with R so that identifying doesn’t get too confusing. This foil can be used to make a variety of dishes, including fries, dosas, chapatis, and cutlets, without compromising on their mouth-watering taste. So, with this sheet, you can avoid using that oil entirely. Simply place it on the pan and cook your food carefree.

Not only that, but you can use the foil to wrap your food while travelling or to store your food for future meals. You can also avoid post-cooking cleanup by using this frying pan foil. We all know how much we dread it after preparing dishes, and all those plates and utensils in the sink are a mood killer. So, if you have the option to avoid them, why not take it?

Because the cooking or preparing of the food occurs on the foil, the food remains or crumbs do not touch the pan, so when you are finished with it, simply wipe it with a tissue and put it away. Besides that, the foil is reusable, so if you are preparing the same dish again, you can reuse it. With a built-in cutter, using it anytime, anywhere is not difficult. Aluminium foil for cooking is easily available online through the Asahi Kasei website or various online stores that deliver it right at your door.

That is why it can be found in almost every Indian household. The key to adding positive health benefits to the food you serve your family without sacrificing flavour is in the ingredients you use. Try this new way to eat healthy because oil appears to be the main culprit in making a food unhealthy. A small amount goes a long way! Smart substitutions and a few simple tweaks later, you’re on your way to a great low-fat and delicious serving. You must try your hand at these zero-oil recipes using our frying pan foil.