How Does Aluminum Foil Keep The Food Fresh and warm for several hours

Aluminium foil has been our go-to packing method for storing our ready-made meals or transporting our food while travelling. But have you ever wondered how it keeps the food warm, and whether it is even safe to store food in aluminium foil for extended periods of time? Aluminium foil is made of aluminium (as the name implies), which has reflective properties and acts as a light and oxygen barrier. As a result, the foil reflects the thermal energy back to the food, preserving its natural aroma, moisture, and flavour. It is frequently used for packaging fresh produce and dairy products for longer storage.

Although aluminium foil keeps food warm, placing it directly on the object or food does not help much. The reason for this is that if the foil comes into contact with the object, the thermal energy will move within the foil and may escape, but if the foil is placed a little further away from the food, it will properly reflect back the thermal energy and maintain the freshness of the food. To avoid foil contact with food, add a few layers of butter paper to create air pockets before packing in a final layer of aluminium foil.

Because aluminium is a poor insulator (a substance that does not allow heat to pass through it), place it (food wrapped in foil) in fibreglass or ceramic tiffin boxes to make it more effective. It not only keeps food warm for a longer period of time, but it also keeps things cold. It acts as a barrier to oxygen and air, allowing heat to be transferred to cold or frozen food. The bottom line is that it helps in maintaining the temperature of the food, whether it is warm or cold.

Because you’ll be storing food in it, you’ll need high-quality aluminium foil. The Asahi Kasei aluminium foil is a must-have item in our kitchens. The premium quality material works wonders in keeping your food warm for longer periods of time. Because it retains freshness for a longer period of time, it is a popular storage wrap, barbecue grill cover, and formable baking lid for some dishes. The foil has many other applications, but one of the most common is to keep food warm.

Asahi Kasei India is the leading manufacturer of kitchen products. As the No. 1 brand in Japan, they launched in India in 2014 and have been steadily growing since then. Asahi Kasei manufactures three major food-related products that are available in the Indian market: Premium Wrap, Frying Pan Foil, and Cooking Sheet. These products represent the Japanese way to store, cook, and bake that is now being used in Indian kitchens. These products have been used in Japan for over 50 years, proving their utility and quality. These three kitchen gadgets are a godsend for health-conscious homemakers, working women, and anyone else on the go. They are extremely convenient to use and save time that can be spent on other activities. So eat fresh and warm food anywhere and at any time with aluminium foil. 

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