Here’s how to stay healthy during Christmas and winter holidays

It almost feels like a long “cheat period” from your diet during the holiday season. As the number of hours spent exercising and working out decreases, the number of calories and sugar consumed increases. Well, it’s the season to unwind and enjoy your hectic lives, but it also feels like all of your hard work to maintain a healthy body will have effectively been wasted. So, while you can’t deny yourself all of the savories and delicacies available only at that time of the year, you can try to make them healthier so that you can enjoy them without feeling guilty about your diet.

Well most of the time during holidays, we prepare our favorite dishes in bulk. It’s the feeling of wanting your loved ones to have full bellies and hearty laughter while having a good time. So, using products that are of good quality not only makes the cooking process easier but also makes it fun. The leftovers after that fun-filled cooking session are stored in the fridge to have later. But keeping the freshness and the taste of the food intact is the main point. To make your life easier, Asahi Kasei has various products like the premium wrap for fresh food that keeps the food healthy and crisp for longer allowing you to enjoy it whenever you wish to have it. These premium wraps for fresh food cut off contact between the food and the atmosphere hence preventing moisture. This reusable material is heat resistant, so you can microwave it up to 140°C without worrying about the quality being compromised. 

Another one of their products is the Asahi Kasei frying pan foil. For all the health enthusiasts trying to avoid calories and fats with oil-free food, this is the perfect product for you. With this foil, you can cook foods without oil for a healthy diet. Foods such as holiday delicacies and goods that don’t require a lot of mixing and sauteing are the ideal food that can be cooked on this foil. The silicone coating prevents the food from sticking to the surface while maintaining the taste that you love. Not only that, but it also makes cleaning after all that greasy cooking easier. The reusable foil can be used again making it one of the most convenient products. 

With products made to make our everyday life smoother and easier, baking is one of the main focuses during holidays. The savory sweets aren’t easy to make which is why selecting quality ingredients can help to make it a tad bit simpler. As mostly baking is done in the microwave, using a good quality parchment paper that doesn’t crumble halfway and mess your efforts would help you to make the food you made presentable. With the special parchment paper for the microwave, you can bake up to 250°C for 20 minutes without your paper crumbling! As the sides are silicone coated you won’t have to worry about the food sticking or spilling. So, concentrate on your baking and bring in the tastes. 

The availability of these products online has helped it to reach more customers, making their life easier and effortless. Buy it at online shopping sites like Amazon and Big Basket, and try it out for yourself!