Healthy Cooking Secrets from Chef Ranveer Brar

Eating healthy does not require you to give up your favourite foods. Your favourite recipes can be easily adapted to provide a healthier option. To retain valuable nutrition, vegetables can also be microwaved or steamed instead of boiling. There are numerous methods for making meals healthier. Limit your intake of fats, sugars, and salt while increasing your intake of vegetables, fruits, and other fruits. If you must use fats in your cooking, keep them to a minimum.

With a few simple changes in the kitchen, you can improve the nutritional profile of nearly any meal. Here are some simple, healthy cooking tips that professional chefs keep on hand:

Let’s begin with the Asahi Kasei frying pan foil. The foil is known to help reduce the oil content in your everyday foods, hence also reducing the calories that you consume. Made with a silicone-coated side, it acts as a barrier between your food and the pan, resolving the issue of food sticking to your utensil, which is why many people use oil. It’s labelled with an R on the side that should be facing up, and easily make your favourite foods like rolls, cutlets, basically, foods that need less sauteing. So you can now eat the same foods while consuming far fewer calories. It also helps to reduce post-cooking clean-up because your food does not touch the pan, allowing you to simply wipe the Tawa and reuse your frying pan foil if you are making multiple batches of the same dish.

The second item that chefs frequently recommend is the Asaki Kasei cooking sheet. This sheet is silicone-coated on both sides to prevent food from sticking to the sheet, which happens frequently when we bake a cake and it tends to get stuck with the paper, making it difficult to tear or remove from the delicacy. And the cookies you bake on them, well, they slide right off after they’re done. Sounds amazing right? The high quality of the paper prevents the food from darkening at the base, becoming burnt, or catching fire. It can withstand temperatures of up to 250°C for 20 minutes. Not only that, but you can use the paper to wrap all of the delicacies you made and store them for later. To begin, simply place the sheet on the pan and place it inside the oven, and you are ready to go.

The third best thing, which we all agree is actually required in every household, is Asahi Kasei cling wrap. The wrap can be used for a variety of purposes, including storing food and extending its shelf life or edibility. It works so well because it reduces your food’s exposure to the environment, ensuring that moisture and air do not affect its freshness. PVDC, a food-grade material, is used to make the wrap. As a result, even if you use it to carry food while travelling or keep it on the shelf for a longer length of time, it will not reduce the quality of your food. It’ll maintain all that crispiness of your fruits, and vegetable too. The clear wrap can withstand temperatures of up to 140° C in the microwave.

All these products are easy to use and come with a built-in cutter making them simple to use. Healthy cooking shouldn’t feel unattainable and stressful. Adding these tips and techniques to your weekly game plan will create a clear and easy path to nutritious meals that you look forward to eating.