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Greaseproof Paper

Greaseproof paper is paper that is impermeable to oil or grease and is normally used in cooking or packing food. This oil proof food grade paper is ideal for wrapping and storing oily foods such as butter roti, parathas and naan. It is an oil-resistant paper which keeps your dishes and hands clean. This oil proof paper sheet retains moisture, keeps food fresh and is freezer and microwave safe as well. So the foods wrapped in this non stick microwave safe foil can be directly used to reheat in the microwave without any worries. Its heat resistance properties ensure that they don’t burn when used in the microwave (it is heat resistant up to about 200°C). All these features make it a perfect choice for packing tiffins without any leakages or mess. Greaseproof paper doesn’t have the silicone coating but is, as its name suggests, grease-resistant and can also be used to line trays and tins when baking. Just make sure that you grease it on both sides with oil or butter, so that it doesn’t stick to the food. Use this greaseproof paper foil to bake delicious cakes and cookies without making any mess. Furthermore, it can also be used to make paper icing bags and for wrapping food to cook ‘en papillote’. Greaseproof paper is produced by refining the paper stock and thus is biodegradable. The greaseproof paper roll can be used to wrap fast food items like burgers, french fries, snack rolls, sandwiches, pastries and other oily food products. It is also useful for wrapping meat, fish and cottage cheese. It is widely used in restaurants, parties, camping, weddings, family celebrations, etc.

Greaseproof Paper - Product Specification

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Greaseproof Paper

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How to Use Greaseproof paper

For wrapping/reheating food items:

  1. Tear the required length from the greaseproof paper roll.
  2. Use it to neatly wrap oily food items such as butter roti, naan, etc. and store it for consumption afterwards.
  3. If you need to reheat the food, you can directly put it in the microwave as it is microwave-safe and adjust it according to the temperature guidelines provided in the instructions. 

For baking:

  1. Take the required length of greaseproof paper from the roll and place it on the base of the tin.
  2. Firmly press around the sides and base of the cake tin to ensure complete coverage of greaseproof paper foil to the baking pan.
  3. Because the inside of the cake tin was greased at the start, the paper will stick to the cake tin. Now, grease the greaseproof paper and carry on with your baking process.

Know More about Greaseproof paper

Frequently Asked Questions

Greaseproof paper is not the same as baking paper. A baking parchment paper is used to line baking pans and is silicone coated to prevent food from sticking to the pan. A greaseproof paper, on the other hand, is impermeable to oil or grease and is normally used for wrapping and storing food items in order to maintain their freshness.

Yes, most greaseproof paper foils are microwave-safe and are heat resistant up to 200°C, so you can wrap and directly reheat your food in the oven.

No, wax paper and greaseproof paper are two different products that have different uses. Greaseproof paper is a grease-resistant paper that can be used for wrapping food items and is microwave-safe, so you can wrap and directly reheat the food. On the other hand, wax paper is coated with wax so it cannot be used in the microwave as the wax melts when exposed to too much heat. Though, it can be used for wrapping and storing food items which aren’t too hot.

Baking paper has a silicone coating on both sides that prevents food from sticking to oven trays and cake pans without the use of butter or oil. Whereas, greaseproof paper is mostly used for wrapping greasy/oily food items like butter paratha, naan, etc. It is not siliconized but is grease-resistant and can be used to line trays and tins when baking, but it must be greased on both sides or it will stick.

Greaseproof paper is used for wrapping foods for storage, especially greasy foods such as butter, butter naan or puris. Greaseproof paper can also be used to line baking pans, though it must be lightly greased for these uses.

Greaseproof paper will generally burn at temperatures above 200°C.


For me, this greaseproof paper is the ideal paper for wrapping butter rotis and parathas for lunch because it does not absorb the oils and thus avoids my tiffin from becoming a complete mess. Highly recommended!
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This greaseproof paper is an excellent food wrapper for foods that are a bit oily. I also used it to line my baking pan since I did not have parchment paper readily available and it worked like a charm. Great product!
⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
The quality of this greaseproof paper is very different from your usual greaseproof papers; it is thicker and completely nails its job of being greaseproof. Being microwave-safe, you can put your food wrapped in this paper directly in the microwave. A fantastic product overall!
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