Goodbye, plastic baggies and containers, Say yes to Zipper Bag

There is no denying that an ingenious invention like Zipper bags solves many of our problems. They are not only sturdy and strong, but they also help you with all of your food storage needs. However, prior to these bags, or even with the availability of these, the use of many such plastic bags daily has increased.

You now understand how single-use plastic bags harm the land, water, and animals. Millions of fish have been harmed as a result of plastic entering the ocean and mistaking it for food. And it’s not just the sea; microplastics have been discovered everywhere from Mount Everest to the depths of the earth, including our very own municipal water sources.

Not only does the constant use of plastic in food storage harm the environment, but it also harms human lives. It is never a good idea to store vegetables, fruits, or hot home-cooked meals in a plastic container or bag. Because plastics release chemicals that come into contact with the food stored that we later consume. Also, storing fruits and vegetables in a tightly packed bag may cause them to spoil faster because there is no breathing space.

So, as you can see, the use of plastic in relation to food, or in general, other than for storage, doesn’t have a lot of positive impacts. That is why, people are starting to lean more toward eco-friendly, organic-based products. These alternatives are designed to provide better assistance than standard ziplock bags. 

The Asahi Kasei Zipper bag is one such alternative, with two zips to ensure extra airtight quality and no moisture or humidity leakage in the bag. Storing your home-cooked meals or favourite vegetables for a longer period will be simple because the airtight quality will preserve the flavour and freshness for a longer time. Not only that, but you can also store your favourite snacks like farsan on chips in these bags and enjoy the crunchiness later, on the go, or at home.

They also include a label space so you can store them without having to worry about remembering what you stored or when you stored it. Simply write it with a sharpie or marker on the space provided on top of the bag and check the space when you take it out. This extremely handy and simple-to-use bag can be used to store food anywhere in your room, fridge, or freezer. And it’s microwave safe for defrosting food so make sure you keep the bag open when you toss it in there to let the moisture out.

It’s also recyclable, which makes it an excellent substitute for plastic containers. Because it is made from food-grade LPDE, it will not produce toxins in your food, allowing you to enjoy the actual healthy flavour and nutrients. The bag’s versatile material allows you to store a wide range of items, from meat to vegetables, and from fully prepared meals to bread crumbs, making it a must-have in any kitchen.

With Asahi Kasei products now available online and in India, you can begin replacing old plastic storing methods with new eco-friendly alternatives, while also making your kitchen and home healthier and more organised. Check them out online and order one from Amazon or Big Basket today!