Five Unique Uses of Aluminium Foil

Whether it is for workplace or college lunch, a picnic, or travelling, most of us wrap our handmade food in aluminium foil and transport it. While you probably already know that aluminium foil is a kitchen necessity, its malleable, metallic nature makes it extremely handy around the house. People using aluminium foil for cooking and packing-related purposes are tapping just a fraction of its potential. As a result, it is important to be aware of these brilliant aluminium foil hacks that can save you time, money, and effort.

  • Scaring away birds

You probably enjoy seeing brightly coloured feathered friends in your garden, but if you have a fruit tree, you may not want birds feasting on your fruits. One of the easiest and cheapest natural bird repellents is aluminium foil. You may use aluminium foil to keep birds away in a variety of ways. If birds are causing problems in your garden, you can put strips of aluminium foil under the soil’s surface or around any plants they are affecting. Birds dislike the feel of the foil in their beaks and will avoid it. Strips of aluminium foil (or shiny party streamers) can also be hung from trees or other high points around your home and yard. The sun reflects off the shiny surface and bothers their eyes, deterring them from coming near. If you observe woodpeckers, hang an aluminium pie plate on the tree where you see them the most. The woodpeckers will be scared off by the plate’s reflection.

  • Speed your ironing 

When you iron clothing, the board absorbs a lot of the heat from the iron, requiring you to use the iron multiple times to remove wrinkles, which can be a time-consuming job. Instead, place a layer of aluminium foil under your ironing board cover to accelerate the process. The aluminium foil will act as a conductor and reflect heat back into the fabric, smoothing out creases quickly.

Additionally, if you have an item of clothing that cannot be ironed, such as a knit sweater, you can steam any wrinkles out of it using the same method. Simply hover the iron about an inch or two (2.5 to 5 centimetres) over the clothing and constantly push the steam button.

  • Painting Helper

If you’re planning to paint your doors, you don’t need to worry about buying expensive painter’s tape or plastic sheeting. All you need is an aluminium foil sheet to save you money, time and effort. Wrap the foil around the door, then trim the foil with a sharp utility knife around the base of the knob to keep paint off of them. Aluminium foil is easy to mould to the shape of the door knob, and you can toss it easily if you drip paint onto it. This will possibly make your painting easy and convenient in some way.

  • Scrub a grill, oven or pots and pans

Sprinkle salt or baking soda on a damp, dirty pan, break up a ball of aluminium foil, and scrape away with a little water the next time you have food residue stuck to your pots and pans. You may also put aluminium foil in the dishwasher. You don’t need to soak that extra-crusty saucepan overnight. Instead, crumple up some aluminium foil and begin cleaning. It probably won’t work as well as something that’s specifically meant to scrub and clean, but it will certainly work in a pinch. Use caution when using aluminium foil over non-stick surfaces as it can scratch the coating.

  • Sharpen Scissors

If you’re thinking about throwing out those old, dull scissors, don’t. Sharpen your scissors using aluminium foil if they’re having trouble cutting. Begin by tearing a piece of aluminium foil about 12 inches long. Fold the foil sheet several times more until it is at least six layers thick. Now, cut the foil packet into 10 or 12 strips with the scissors, using full-stroke cuts. Cut some scrap paper to test the sharpness of the scissors. Cut many more foil strips if necessary until the scissors cut quickly and cleanly. This should sharpen the blades and make the scissors last longer.