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Cling Film Plastic Wrap

· The Asahi Kasei Premium Wrap is a cling wrap for food made from a clear and special PVDC material that helps in preserving and storing food for a longer time.

· From chapatis, sandwiches and various snacks to meats, fruits & vegetables, use the Asahi Kasei cling film roll to cover and keep everything fresh for longer periods of time.

· Cling wrap prevents food from coming into direct contact with the oxygen in the air and maintains the freshness of foods for extended periods of time.

· This plastic wrap for food comes with a built-in cutter that makes it easy to tear and is convenient to use.

· It is wrinkle-free so it doesn’t crumble after the first use and can be reused multiple times.

· This premium quality food wrapping cling film helps you preserve food in the fridge, freezer, and at room temperature.

· You won’t have to worry about bad odours thanks to the premium cling wrap’s airtight barrier and ability to keep food fresh for longer.

· It is heat resistant, so it can be used in a microwave up to 140°C.

· It is also the perfect wrap paper when cooking and steaming vegetables, making it a multifunctional product.

· With this plastic wrap roll, you don’t have to worry about wasting food. Just wrap your leftovers and store them for longer.

Some other cling wrap hacks:

  • You can save time by cutting and marinating the vegetables ahead of time, wrapping them in a cling wrap, and storing them in the fridge. You can just combine them all together when you make your lunch or dinner, thus saving a lot of time.
  • You can use the premium wrap and cover the top of bottles or containers you use to store juices or any other liquids. Then use the lid and cover the container. This will create an airtight seal, and provide extra protection from any leaks.

  • You can also use plastic wrap for food to seal the top of each fridge shelf and save yourself from the difficult and time-consuming process of cleaning up your refrigerator shelves. Not just a refrigerator shelf, but you can line any surface with cling wrap to prevent cleaning afterwards.
  • You can cover your phones with cling wrap and use them in order to keep them safe in the kitchen.
  • You can wrap the top stem of a banana with plastic wrap. It will help the banana to stay fresh for much longer, and it will prevent causing other fruits to ripen too quickly as well.

Asahi Kasei products represent the Japanese way to cook and store food that is now being used in Indian kitchens. These products have been used in Japan for over 50 years, proving their utility and quality. They will change the ways of your cooking, food storage and make your time in the kitchen more efficient, your cooking healthier and your storage solutions even better. Eat fresh food, eat healthy food with Asahi Kasei.


Cling Film Plastic Wrap - Product Specification

Country of Origin



Asahi Kasei, ASAHI KASEI INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED, G-Block, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra (East), Mumbai


Sunbeam Mercantile Ventures Pvt. Ltd, 7/838, Darussalam Road, Jew Town, Cochin 682002


Sunbeam Ventures PVT. LTD, 7/838, Darussalam Road, Jew Town, Cochin 682002

Item Dimensions

22cm x 20m

Net Quantity

1 count

Generic Name

Cling Wrap

Looking for Premium Quality Cling Film Plastic Wrap

Asahi Kasei Cling Film Plastic Wrap helps to keep food fresh for longer time. Buy Our Cling Film Plastic Wrap

How to Use Cling Film Plastic Wrap

Step 1: Tear it with a built-in cutter

Pull film from the box and close the box cover tightly and cut using the built-in cutter on the box.

 Step 2: Cover it with the Premium Wrap

With the Premium Wrap, you don’t have to worry about wasting food. Just wrap your leftovers and store them for longer.

Step 3: Store in the refrigerator

 Its premium quality helps you to preserve food in the fridge, freezer, and room temperature

 Step 4: Reheat in microwave

The Premium Wrap is heat resistant so it can be used in a microwave as well, up to 140°C

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Frequently Asked Questions

Plastic wrap can be reused several times. If it is not soiled or dirty, it is perfectly fine to use it again. Also, there is no expiration date for plastic wrap.

No, there is no right and wrong side to a cling film wrap. Either side can be in contact with the food.

Plastic wrap is a general term used to describe many different materials. Plastic wrap is most often referred to as industrial plastic wrap for securing pallets or food-grade plastic wrap. Food plastic wrap, also known as cling film, and food wrap is a thin plastic film commonly used for sealing and securing food items to keep them fresh.

The Premium Wrap is heat resistant and can be used in a microwave up to 140°C. So it is perfectly fine to wrap hot food in it.

The Premium Wrap is an excellent food wrap as it blocks moisture and oxygen from passing through and preserves the freshness for longer periods. Since it is heat resistant up to 140°C, it can also be used to cook/steam vegetables, making it a versatile product.


I always make sure to bring a bowl of cut fruits with my lunch and ensure that they are always wrapped in this amazing cling wrap or they dry out very fast. I also use it to cover my refrigerator shelves from becoming dirty and it does the job. This product has multiple uses in my household.
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I made the correct decision by switching to cling wrap for wrapping chapatis. This premium wrap keeps the chapatis fresh and soft for a longer period of time by keeping them moist. I've now also started wrapping fruits and vegetables in it, and the freshness is noticeable.
⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
All of the cling wraps I've used up to this point had one flaw: the cutting of the wrap. The majority of them did not include an in-built cutter, and those that did were of poor quality and did nothing. It all changed with the Asahi Kasei Premium Wrap. The cutter provided here is sharp and easy to use. Kudos for solving this problem!
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