5 Best Uses of Cooking Sheets For Your Kitchen

We always want our time in the kitchen to go as smoothly as possible so we can satisfy our cravings. Having the best cooking tools, from baking tins to cooking sheets, makes all the difference in making sure we enjoy our time in the kitchen. Here are 5 ways you can make the best use of cooking sheets:

1) Lining Cake Pans and Baking Pans

This is the most common and popular use of cooking sheets. Everyone has experienced one baking tragedy in their life where they have made the perfect cake batter only to see the sides and the bottom of the cake stick to the edges. With an Asahi Kasei cooking sheet, you can save yourself the heartbreak and make a perfectly baked cake.

All you need to do is measure the cooking sheet according to the dimensions of the cake pan, and fit it on the bottom. This will be enough to make sure your cake has a smooth surface once you have removed it. In the case of cookies, you just need to place the sheet over the baking pan and put the cookie dough over it. The cooking sheet helps the cookies bake evenly, and it will prevent them from cracking or breaking when you lift them because of the non-stick quality.

2) Use it as a Base for Frying Food

One of the biggest benefits of using cooking sheets in the kitchen is oil-free cooking. You can measure the baking paper according to the dimensions of the pan, and place it on the base of the pan. After this, you can fry any food you want over the paper, and the cooking sheet will provide a perfect and healthy non-stick base for your cooking. It will still ensure that the food gets gold and a crisp surface to it. It also has the added benefit of preventing a greasy and burnt surface on the pans which can be hard to clean.

3) Parchment Wrapped Dinners

In French, these diners are called “en papillote” which is commonly translated as “cooking in a pouch”. However, don’t fall for its fancy name, as these dinners are extremely easy to cook. Additionally, it also saves you from doing the dishes at the end of a tiring day, because the clean-up is as simple as throwing a piece of paper into the bin. All you need to do is put your ingredients together, wrap it like an envelope, and pop it in the oven for a certain amount of time. After everything is cooked, you can take it out of the oven, and it is ready to eat.

 4) Decorating Baked Goodies

You don’t need to waste money on expensive decorating tools. With your Asahi Kasei cooking sheet, you can elegantly adorn your desserts, without putting a dent in your wallet. For instance, if you take a cooking sheet and craft it into a cone, you can use it as a piping bag.  Be sure that there are no gaps, to prevent any spills. Once you have your piping bag, you can design all sorts of goodies.

Place a cooking sheet on a baking pan so it has a firm foundation. Then you can fill the bag with some melted chocolate and use it to draw chocolate designs onto another piece of parchment paper. Once you are done with your designs you can put the pan into the fridge till the chocolate is set. After it is set you can easily pick up your chocolate designs due to the cooking sheet’s non-stick ability. Now you can decorate your cakes with stars, hearts, flowers, wherever your imagination takes you!

5) Easy Clean Ups

Using cooking sheets in the kitchen helps you avoid spending hours doing the dishes. If you dread cleaning your sandwich toasters because of the cheese spills, you can line the toaster and then add the sandwich. You will still get the grill marks and there will be no mess. The same applies to cooking with frying pans. Lining the pan with cooking sheets will not only prevent the food from sticking, but it will also help save you time in the kitchen that you would spend scrubbing the oil off the pan.

Bonus Tip

You can also make the process of rolling dough easier by placing the dough between two cooking sheets. This will prevent your dough from sticking to the rolling pin and avoid the tendency of adding too much flour.

Oil-free cooking and hassle-free cooking. Cooking sheets will make sure you have a relaxed time in the kitchen in countless ways.