Teriyaki Ginger Chicken

  • Cooking Sheet

Ingredients : Serves 1

Chicken breast
½ (100g)
¼ (50g)
Green bell pepper
1 (30g)
Red bell pepper
1/8 (20g)
Soy sauce ★
2 Teaspoon
Sugar ★
1 Teaspoon
Sake ★
½ Teaspoon
Ginger (grated) ★
½ Teaspoon
Potato starch
½ Teaspoon

★ Seasonings

Teriyaki Ginger Chicken

How to cook :

  1. Cut the chicken breast into bite-sized chunks and combine with the seasonings. Let marinate for 15 minutes. Cut the onion and peppers into 1cm wide slices.
  2. Place the onion and peppers in the center of a ‘Cooking Sheet’. Add the chicken breast chunks to a bowl containing the potato starch, and mix them around until they are thoroughly coated. Spread the chunks of chicken, along with the sauce, on top of the vegetables, and then follow the instructions for folding the ‘Cooking Sheet’.
  3. Put (2) on a heat-resistant plate and microwave (3min 30sec/500W). Take out the plate and open the ‘Cooking Sheet’ from the center and mix.

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