Asahi Kasei Premium Wrap is "Japan's No.1" cling film for food wrap.



Product features

Keeps food fresh by preventing oxygen and moisture from passing through.

Does not let the air pass through and thereby stops food smell from spreading.

Easy to tear off and to wrap.

How to use

Cover your food with the Premium Wrap.
Store it in the refrigerator.
Microwave food without removing the Premium Wrap.
Remove the Premium Wrap and enjoy the food.

Different ways to use Premium Wrap

Keeps food fresh in the freezer.

Keeps food fresh in the refrigerator.

Keeps food fresh at room temperature.

Heat food in the microwave.


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Premium Wrap Microwaving

- Reduced Cooking Time

- Simple & Easy Preparation

Corn on the cob

100g in approx. 1½ minutes (500w)
Wash, wrap while wet and cook.

Broccoli, Cauliflower

100g in 1½ - 2 minutes (500w)
Immerse and wash well in brine, separate clusters, wrap and cook.


100g in 2 - 3 minutes (500w)
Wash, peel, cut as desired,
place them in a heat-resistant bowl, add water (100ml), wrap the bowl and cook.

French Beans

100g in approx. 2 minutes (500w)
Wash, place them in a heat-resistant bowl, add water (100ml), wrap flat while wet and cook.


100g in approx. 2 minutes (500w)
(100g in approx. 2½ minutes for mashing) Wash, wrap while wet and cook.


100g in 1½ - 2 minutes (500w)
Wash, cut off leaves, wrap leaves and stalks placing them alternately and cook. Unwrap, put in water to remove scum.

Available in two sizes

22cm x 20m

30cm x 20m

Precautions of storage:

Do not expose roll or film to any conventional heat source, such as gas and electric stove, oven and toaster, and the browning unit of a microwave oven.

Precautions of use:

  • Do not use except for wrapping foods.
  • Do not use with source of strong heat such as fire, flame, oven, grill, toaster oven.
  • Do not use in hot water and boiling in a pot.
  • Foods of high oil content should not contact the wrap when microwaving.
  • Please dispose this according to the rules and regulations of waste disposal issued by the municipal authorities.